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Duracool® A/C Solutions ~ "Our Formula Never Changes"

When A/C system sealers first started to appear on the market Duracool® Refrigerants continued with their research and testing.

When problems started to occur with these new products we intensified our research and testing.

Only when we were finished testing these new products did we introduce the product line of Duracool® A/C Solutions. We were confident that we had developed the most economical, easiest to install, and strongest sealant available in the market place today.

Duracool A/C Solutions are designed for use by both the Professional Automotive Technician and the Do It Yourself enthusiasts.    Duracool® A/C Solutions: Helping you to avoid expensive A/C Repairs.

Here are a couple of Videos on Duracool Products on YouTube.com: Duracool 22A & Duracool Tune Up & Seal Kits

Duracool® SealQuick™

Every year it was normal practice to replace the lost refrigerant that leaks out over the winter months. This procedure is very costly and prohibited in many parts of the world today. Many leaks in the automotive air-conditioning system occur at "0" rings and gasket areas. As they age, these materials begin to dry out and shrink.
Duracool® SealQuick™ is the economical solution to this problem.

The 4 ounce container contains a sufficient amount of Duracool® SealQuick™ to stop minor leaks in a 2 lb. to 5 lb. A/C System. Duracool® SealQuick™ may be used safely be in most air-conditioning systems. (Duracool 12a®, Duracool 22a®, Duracool 502a®, CFC-12, R-134a, R-22, and R-502.)
Duracool® SystemSeal™

Designed to repair minor leaks in the evaporator, condenser, gaskets, "0" rings, connecting fittings and metal lines. Duracool® SystemSeal™ was designed to eliminate costly repairs in the form of replacement parts and expensive service labor. Duracool® DuraDry™ may be used safely in most air-conditioning systems. (Duracool 12a®, Duracool 22a®, Duracool 502a®, CFC-12, R-134a, R-22, and R-502.)

The 4 ounce container contains a sufficient amount of Duracool® SystemSeal™ to seal leaks in a 2lb. to 5lb. A/C System.
If leaks does not empty the system within 24 hours Duracool® SystemSeal™ will usually seal the system with one can. Two or more applications may be necessary if leaks persist.

Duracool® DuraDry™

Moisture in an Air-Conditioning System will cause damage to the system. Moisture will combine with lubricants such as PAG oil, Ester oil and Refrigerants like R-134a to form acids and other corrosive compounds that will harm the system.

Duracool® DuraDry™ contains a moisture removing additive that converts moisture in the system into a synthetic oil. We recommend the use of Duracool® DuraDry™ before the use of Duracool® SystemSeal™ or Duracool® SealQuick™ to ensure all moisture has been removed from the air-conditioning system.

The 4 ounce container contains a sufficient amount of Duracool® DuraDry™ to remove moisture in a 2 lb. to 5 lb. A/C System. Duracool® DuraDry™ may be used in most Air-Conditioning Systems and is compatible with refrigerants such as Duracool 12A®, Duracool 22A®, Duracool 502A®, CFC-12, R-134A, R-22, & R-502.
Duracool® A/C Oil Chill™
(with OEM approved U/V Leak Detection Dye)

Duracool® A/C Oil Chill is the only Mobile Air-Conditioning Lubricant you need !
Many A/C Lubricants will absorb up to 40% of their weight in moisture, moisture in the system is one of the leading cause of A/C Failures.

Duracool® A/C Oil Chill will reduce compressor noise, reduce compressor operating temperatures and improve heat transfer in the evaporator and condenser resulting in a decreased vent temperature. The result is colder air blowing from the vents and less load on the system.
Duracool® A/C Oil Chill™ will not absorb moisture and has a low miscibility, low miscibility means that more oil stays in the compressor where it's needed.

Duracool® A/C Oil Chill™ has superior high temperature performance and a high degree of oxidation resistance. Duracool® A/C Oil Chill™ is the only oil you need for all mobile Air-Conditioning systems. For "Top-Up" or "Fill-Ups" Duracool® A/C Oil Chill™ is the only logical choice. Duracool® A/C Oil Chill™ is available in 4oz. charging cans, 8oz. and 1 liter bottles and is the perfect companion for existing systems or compressor replacements. The OEM approved U/V leak detection dye will aid in pinpointing even the smallest system leak. Recent testing has shown that a combination of Duracool 502a refrigerant and Duracool® A/C Oil Chill™ has resulted in over a 45 degree F reduction of compressor body operating temperatures in commercial reefer applications. Duracool® A/C Oil Chill™ may be used safely in most air-conditioning systems. (Duracool 12a®, Duracool 22a®, Duracool 502a®, CFC-12, R-134a, R-22, and R-502.) Using Duracool® A/C Oil Chill™ can not void a Manufactures warranty.

Duracool® Mobile A/C Tune Up and Sealant Kit

Research has shown that many vehicles, some which are less than two years old have lost sufficient refrigerant due to pinhole leaks to render the air-conditioning system inoperative.
In many cases the loss of only a few ounces of refrigerant will result in the inability of the
Air-Conditioning system to cool the vehicle satisfactorily. These leaks are often caused by the refrigerants or lubricants becoming corrosive after they have absorbed or combined with moisture that has entered the system.

These phantom leaks are the most difficult to find and expensive to repair. The Duracool® Mobile A/C Tune Up and Sealant Kit is the answer to this problem. The kit is designed for both the " Do it Yourself Enthusiasts" and the " Professional Repair Technician". The easy to follow step by step installation instructions will guide you through the installation procedure, in many cases this task has been completed in less than an hours time. The contents of the kit will remove any moisture in the system, stop leaks in the system and replace any refrigerant oil that may have been lost as a result of leaks. Each kit contains adapter fittings for older vehicles or equipment, a charging hose and a low side pressure gauge that allows the installer to accurately measure system performance. The combination of Duracool® DuraDry™, Duracool® SystemSeal™ and Duracool® A/C Oil Chill™ that are included in the kit ensure minute single or multiple leaks will be eliminated and that system cooling will be restored. Any residual Duracool® SystemSeal™ that is not used when sealing initial leaks will continue to travel in the system and seal future leaks that may occur.